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Bionymer has many applications for making medical
testing easier, quicker and more affordable.


The primary benefit for nephrologists is to study the sodium and potassium levels in blood during electrolyte treatments (such as dialysis).  The sensor can be placed in the blood stream, dialysis tubing, or subcutaneously. The real-time readings will give timely analysis of the treatment process and give nephrologists control over correction rates


The primary benefit for neurobiologists is studying protein activity related to their primary subsystem.  The sensor can be placed in the near vicinity to nerves, or near cells of note. This would give an idea of nerve activity (ion exchange during action potentials), cell activity (protein transporters responding to applied stigma), and type of ion exchange occurring. 


The primary benefit for cardiologists is to study muscle contractions and subsequent ion exchange of heart tissues.  The sensor can be placed in or near the muscle tissue. This would allow direct quantification of the extent of muscle motion, and ion exchange (quantifying energy) of the cardiovascular processes.

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